Cross Breeding

To complement our Red Angus herd, we have developed and perform extensive European cross breeding with Maine-Anjou (MA), Limousin (Limo), and Red Stabilizer Composite (RSC) Sire Bulls. Our commercial cross herd encompasses all the best features from the pure RA and the Euro-X breeds, as well the out-performance achieved with the hybrid-vigor infused cross breeding plan.
The carcass shape and size of the RA/Euro-X cross cattle, along with their excellent feed conversion, easy handling and low birth weights makes it the ultimate beef bred specifically for our target results and for the region, with St.Fillan cattle highly sought after for both the finishing and direct-to-butcher markets. Meat marbling and fat score, along with our exclusive “grass fed” and 100% pasture raised practice further contribute to the excellent flavour and quality of all St.Fillan Farm beef.
Our cross bred cattle are currently achieving approximately 17% out performance when compared to the pure bred Angus. All our cattle are polled genetics.
The Red Angus cows make excellent mothers, with comparatively smaller size than noted with other breeds, the Red being a dominant gene so all our St.Fillan progeny bear the RA colour traits. In our experience, the RA and selected Euro-X cross’ ability and tolerance of both the harsh Australian summer and the colder winter months offers a superior performance to that of the more common Black Angus. We maintain a core pure RA breeding operation to ensure an unbroken supply of quality genetic RA female replacements for our herd.
We sell cattle nationwide, with Queensland becoming an important market for breeder cattle, and the international sector set to expand and grow exponentially.
Due to our superior pasture management, climate and genetics, St.Fillan cattle have the best start available, and are bred to outperform.
At St.Fillan Farm, our shedding, electric weigh-scales and yards are fully undercover and floodlit, allowing 24 hour operations for extensive cattle handling in all weather conditions.
We have Red Angus stud and pure breed commercial heifers, bulls and steers for sale, also Maine-Anjou, Limousin and RSC cross steers and heifers available – please enquire