Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France.

To fill out the Red Angus frames and “beef-up” the hindquarters of our cattle,
we selectively cross breed with quality deep red and polled French “Limousin” bulls.

We utilise Limousin into our cross breeding program to increase muscle size whilst also ensuring low birth weights (calving ease), above average dressing percentage (ratio of carcass to live weight) and yield (ratio of meat to carcass), high feed conversion efficiency, and ability to produce lean, tender meat. A major multibreed study reported that Limousin converted feed into saleable meat more efficiently and significantly faster than standard popular British breeds, and faster than other popular continental European cattle breeds, without compromising flavour or the meat quality. We feel that this cross provides the very best of all options at St.Fillan.

Combined with our Red Angus herd, the ability to outperform with hybrid vigour, feed conversion and higher levels of desirable marbled beef makes the Limousin/Red Angus Euro-X cattle highly sought after and preferred by the smarter butchers, finishing farmers and feedlots alike.

Our current Limousin bulls are from the Mollards and their quality YARRALEA Limousin Stud in Yarck,
a short 40 minute drive from St.Fillan Farm.