Maine-Anjou are a traditional French breed originating in the Anjou region of the Loire Valley, and are well known for size, muscle and milking ability. Maine-Anjou cattle are also known by the more recent name of Rouge de Pres. Originally from Europe, they have adapted well to the Australian conditions, being fast growing, feed efficient, large with a docile temperament and heavy milking – being originally a dual purpose breed for both beef and dairy. These sought after features are what attracts us to them and the MA Bulls used in our program have not disappointed. Meat quality is excellent and growth curve to 300 and 400 day weights has been significant.

Easy handling and easy calving are additional factors that we seek and these cattle have outperformed.
Colour recessive to the maternal female RA cow has seen all calves retain the red coat.
We have sourced MA sires from several excellent breeders and look for all the aforementioned traits to ensure the best progeny we can produce are born and raised here at St.Fillan Farm.