Red Stabiliser Composites

We constantly strive to achieve the best quality cattle we can produce, with an emphasis on flavour and marbling along with 400 kg outperformance, feed conversion and ease of calving, we work into our breeding program high quality Red Composite bulls. Our Bull breeders combine the best traits from such breeds as Simmental, Gelbvieh, Short Horn, South Devon and Red Poll. All our Bulls are classified with EBVs benchmarked against ABE standards and are all genetically polled and deep red in colour.

Frame shape, size, calm temperament and good mothers are all bred into our program to ensure our ever evolving base herd outperform in the paddock, and importantly, in the sale yards.

Currently we are working sourcing bulls from Tom Lawson and PARINGA Livestock of Yea, infusing our herd with their carefully purpose bred “Red Stabilizer” composite bulls.