About us

Established in 1880, St.Fillan Farm maintains its position as the premier property in the eponymous district, situated on the northern side of the Great Dividing Range between Healesville and Marysville, for well over a century.

At just 95 km from Melbourne, through the picturesque vineyards of the Yarra Valley and the Yarra Ranges National Park, St.Fillan Farm borders the Black Range State Forest and extensive pine plantations.

The location offers a unique micro-climate with significant annual rainfall over 52 inches complimented by extensive periods of sunshine. Our elevated and gently sloping position in the foothills of the Black Spur, with deep rich fertile soil and a cool sunny climate, offers the perfect conditions for intensive yet “natural” farming, with verdant pastures and a garden micro-climate likened to that of the famous Kew Gardens in England.

Originally serving as the private residence of then Victorian Premier and land baron, Sir James Munro, and later for the Chairman of the Melbourne Stock Exchange, St.Fillan Farm has a long history and heritage as an important property of significance. Over the last two decades and under the current ownership, St.Fillan has been carefully renovated, rebuilt and modernized, keeping its sense of grandeur and architectural integrity whilst significantly improving all areas of the property, including the homestead, gardens and farm infrastructure, bringing this historic property ‘up to date’ with all the amenities required for a modern farm in the 21st Century.

At St.Fillan Farm, all our 50 paddocks are serviced by a new internal ring-road laneway system, allowing all weather access and easy livestock movement, along with a constant pressure water system feeding stock troughs, delivering superior clean fresh water in each and every paddock. Our many streams are now crossed by engineered heavy-load bearing bridges, allowing Double-B cattle trucks and produce deliveries with ease, as well as efficient tractor and farm equipment movements around the property, 365 days a year.

The latest pasture genetics along with our strict 48 hour rotational grazing management, provide the most desired conditions to raise well developed, quiet and easy cattle. St.Fillan has been returned to its rightful place as the districts ‘premier’ working farm, and produces excellent high quality Red Angus, RA Euro-X, and classic heritage breed Belted Galloway stud cattle for the local and national markets.

The gardens include significant sculptural works by noted three dimensional artists including Jane Valentine, Greg Johns, Rudi Jass, Zhu Wei, Anthony Pryor and Robert Klippel.

With the ‘park’ like surroundings and gardens created by the Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller during his era as Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, St.Fillan Farm boasted a significant tree from every known country at the time. Many of these trees still survive today, with several under classification from the National Trust and listed on the register in Victoria. In keeping with our strong sense of history, and our continual maintenance and improvement philosophy, the gardens at St.Fillan now hold many replacement and additional trees, including fine specimens of the recently discovered Wollemi Pine as well as many newly planted Oaks and Elms, Firs, Cedars, Maples, Sequoia and Chestnuts.