Angus Selected Breeding Cattle

The genetic foundations of our St.Fillan Angus Stud herd originate from famous and celebrated bloodlines.

N555 with CAF

Starting with our magnificent TEXAS UNDINE N555 and her impeccable pedigree.

N555’s Dam is the great TEXAS UNDINE Z183, who has sold over $1,000,000 of Bulls alone. 

Z183 produced many highly influential Sires including TEXAS MOUNT K2, MT KAPTUAR M100, and WESTERN EXPRESS N505, just to name a few.

TEXAS UNDINE M502 topped the 2021 Texas Female sale at $65,000 with other sales above $60,000 recorded for UNDINE females.

N555’s full Sister is the incredible TEXAS UNDINE H647, Dam of the acclaimed $225,000 TEXAS ICEMAN, the $108,000 TEXAS POWERPLAY, and TEXAS POWERSHIFT (retained in the Texas Angus herd).

As of 2022 She has sold 24 Sons with an average of $ 36,333 and a high of $225,000.

TEXAS UNDINE N555 – displays docility, length, and excellent structure, and provides sheer overall performance.

N555’s Bull Q400 sold at 2021 Texas Bull Sale

Another foundation St.Fillan herd Cow is the wonderful TEXAS PRIDE P633.

P633 with CAF

Our lovely TEXAS PRIDE P633 is an extremely tidy KAROO KNOCKOUT daughter and displays tremendous softness, thickness and a great overall feminine quality.

P633’s maternal credentials are excellent, being the Daughter of the great TEXAS PRIDE E30 who in 2020 sold at 11 years of age for an Angus Mature Cow record of $60,000 to 3R Livestock, and is now their foundation donor.

Our P633’s first sons sold in the Texas Angus 2022 Bull sale for $28,000, and her maternal Sister TEXAS PRIDE L600 has herself been sold for another Australian Angus Mature Cow record of $150,000 to the Mornington Peninsula.

L600’s first 2 Sons have been retained in the Texas Herd being TEXAS NASA N121 and TEXAS GEDDES R190.

NASA’s first 22 Sons featured in the Texas 2022 Bull Sale topping at $50,000, and L600’s first progeny with 10 sold to a top of $55,000 and an average of $32,000

P633’s Bull TEXAS GEDDES R176, 2022 Texas Bull Sale

Our 2 new Cows (and their Heifer Calves at Foot) traveled directly to our AI/ET center north of Mansfield, along with the record breaking $150,000 TEXAS PRIDE L600, who were all transported South together from Ben and Wendy Mayne at Texas Angus in Northern NSW.

Both TEXAS UNDINE N555 and TEXAS PRIDE P633 reside at St.Fillan Farm. They are the cornerstones of our St.Fillan Angus pedigree breeding program, and are foundation donors for our AI/ET programs which continuously work to create the next, and future generations, of exceptional St.Fillan Angus Cattle.

Phenotypically and Genomically excellent, and bred to outperform.

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