Regenerative Agriculture

We don’t just talk green, we are green.

Here at St.Fillan Farm, we proudly practice not just sustainable farming, but “regenerative agriculture”. We strive to go beyond ‘maintaining’ our soil and pasture biology, but to significantly regenerate and improve all aspects of our soil and pasture health. This benefits not just our land but with our continual Carbon Sequestration Program (CSP), we aim to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as subsoil Carbon, benefitting the planet and global initiative for atmospheric Carbon reduction. Our team includes dedicated Soil Scientists and Agronomists and together we have developed an evolving program to ensure St.Fillan is at least carbon neutral, and our expectation is to go well beyond this and become carbon negative. We will continually improve our farming systems and further develop our holistic approach and earn internationally tradeable Carbon Credits. We are increasing the depth and productivity of our topsoils, improving moisture retention, promoting dung beetle activty, and growing a diverse yet complimentary mix of grasses, lentils and pasture vegetables to ensure that organisms flourish both above and below ground level at St.Fillan. The promotion and improvement of soil health with the beneficial fungi and microbes that are instrumental in the regeneration of living and active soil organisms around the root systems of plants gives them fuller, deeper and more extensive roots and increases the soils’ ability to store nutrients and moisture. This is the backbone of our regenerative farming practice. More green matter above ground, more organisms, organic matter and carbon underground.

Alongside our subsoil management, we have set-aside several areas as dedicated wildlife zones, where birdlife and insects flourish harmoniously with water species, fish, and larger mammals such as echidna and platypus. The air teems with insects, including dragon and butterflies whilst birdlife, large and small, deliver an incessant cacophony of song. Water birds, scrub fowl, ducks, parrots, kookaburra, pelicans, eagles, hawks, galah and cockatoos are but a few of the many species that call St.Fillan home, or simply use it to rest as they pass through.  The improvement in our wildlife and bio-diversity has been remarkable and we attribute this to the pastures, wildlife zones and corridors that we continue to plant out and develop. 

We don’t just talk green, we are green.

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