Rain, Rain, …and more…

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Australias third consecutive year of a La Nina weather pattern delivered us a solid 10 inches over our average annual rainfall at St.Fillan Farm in Victoria – the 52 inch mark being passed on 13 November. October was our wettest month as Spring delivered stormy weather across our region and 285 mm onto sodden pastures.

January 83 mm
February 5 mm
March 66 mm
April 72 mm
May 47 mm
June 220 mm
July 104 mm
August 250 mm
September 107 mm
October 285 mm
November 227 mm
December 101 mm

2022 Total 1567 mm (61.69 inches)

We are working with Agronomist Dindi Ag & Elders Carbon to improve our soil health and carbon sequestration, with an emphasis on deepening our productive soil levels and improved water absorption to reduce run off and increase deep soil moisture retention. Regenerative and Sustainable Farming.

Great Soil makes Great Pasture makes Great Cattle

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