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Established in 1880
St.Fillan Farm has a Rich and Significant History

Over the last quarter of a century and under the current ownership, St.Fillan has been carefully renovated, rebuilt, and modernized, keeping its sense of grandeur and architectural integrity whilst significantly improving all areas of the property, including the homestead, gardens, and farm infrastructure, bringing this historic property up to date with all the amenities required for a modern farming enterprise in the 21st Century.

 Luxury Country Lifestyle

Regenerative Agriculture

Here at St.Fillan Farm, we proudly practice not just sustainable farming, but “regenerative agriculture”. We strive to go beyond ‘maintaining’ our soil and pasture biology, but to significantly regenerate and improve all aspects of our soil and pasture health.


The breed needs no introduction, globally famous and derived from cattle native to the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in the north-east of Scotland, they are a medium sized breed, black and polled.


  • Winter afternoons at the Brian Lake

  • Do you know a better spot for lunch _

    Glorious Rhododendrons

  • Multiple Clovers in our mix

    Multiple Clovers in our mix

  • Quality Angus Cattle

  • Spring Calves

  • Crystal Clear Waters Flow

Live Update of EYCI Index

Latest News & Updates


Suns Out !

The sun is out and these pregnant 2nd Calving Heifers are “mudfat” heading into winter...

Autumn Arrives

Its been a busy week at St.Fillan Farm with sales and trucking movements, and the...

Showstopping Steer

Agreed he’s a long way from Vienna Austria, and this August ’21 St.Fillan Agco steer...

Quiet Angus Heifers..Quality Plus

A quiet line of 80+ St.Fillan Agco Spring’21 Pureblood Angus Heifers heading to market in...

24/7 Trucking Operations

Thanks to the truckers who keep the inland economy moving. We started at 0800 and...

NVLX and 170 Calves SOLD

A great result yesterday at NVLX with a mob of quality Angus St.Fillan Agco Spring’21...

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Where to Find Us


Rormford Street 16


Burton Street 28


Blackmore Street 13

Contact Information

St.Fillan Farm
723 Maroondah Highway,
Narbethong - St.Fillan Vic., 3778

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